Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Same but different

As a fan of the great game (cricket, you fools!) I have been lucky enough to visit both the Adelaide Oval and the Melbourne Cricket Ground on my travels.

Whilst at the MCG I bought some greetings cards with images of paintings by E P Kinsella including one called "The Hope of His Side" which I had last seen in the 1970s on the cover of an LP by the Climax Chicago Blues Band. Another image is "Out First Ball" which you can see below.

I filed the cards away in a safe place and only rediscovered them last week. Something in the back of my mind told me the images on my cards were different from the image on the LP cover so I hunted through the attic until I found the LP and, sure enough, there's a big difference. The paintings were obviously "localised" for UK and Australian consumption - look at the differences in the background and face in the UK version of "Out First  Ball"  below.


  1. I've got all their albums ... Great stuff!!

  2. I haven't got the cards and the albums, but have been to both the Adelaide Oval and the MCG. Both splendid places. Enjoyed both tours, but the Adelaide Oval was far more laid back, smaller and less corporate. Hope the expansion doesn't spoil it, though the scorebox has to remain. Listed building and all that.